Tiger, Songbird, Lioness and Raven

Not much has changed, looking back, in a year

When more often than not there are days with your tears

Flooding my own and lifting the ships

That I sent my demons away to drown in;

For ships float only when the sea's below them

And I thought the rain would plunge them down

But your eyes and the skies do different leaking

As your monsters coax mine back to the ground.

My tiger, I call him, the one with the blade,

I tamed months back by request of your pain.

My songbird, I call her, with frying pan eyes,

Was soothed quite docile by the look in your eyes.

And they roar and they keen to the heavens above

When your shapeless gremlins seduce mine, unformed; 

They feed off each other, in more ways than one,

And Tiger and Songbird long for the fun.

But I know them too well! 

They're too frightened of me

And my whips and my chains;

I don't let them run free.

If I should cut off their shackles?

I'd have perfect faith

They'd do what I'd say

Without any complaint.

I'd lead them to battle

With a marvelous cry,

Shouting rip them to shreds!

Should your demons pass by.

And when bloodlust and lovelust

Have drank their fill

In the back of your mind

On the crest of a hill, we'd find

Two frail creatures alone in the dust

Their iron tethers untainted by rust:

Lioness, might you call her, the one with the claws

Whom you couldn't quite tame 'fore she raked down your arms.

Raven, might you call him, whose wings dark as night

I plucked from your heartstrings and painted them white.

Behind their gallows you stand with a flame

And use it to melt their shackles of shame.

Lioness, she preens with her head held high

Raven, he spreads his wings up to the sky.

My tiger! He sees her, her claws are clipped, too.

My songbird! She sees him, his contrasting hue.

Rather than revenge the deaths of their sons,

Bless heaven and earth, flee from us and run,

They flee from their shackles and run towards me,

My demons like diamonds and all they can see.

You're all I can see at the top of the hill

Frozen and terrified standing there still

So I take the few steps that bring me in close,

Take your hands in mine and turn to the most

Beautiful sight I have ever beheld:

Your demons and mine, in perfect meld.


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