Last year,

Long ago,

You would not recognize me

For who I am today.

I was a Royal Bitch,

I was a Demon in human skin,

Crawling and scratching and whining

My way 

To the outside world.

Humans tried to avoid me,

My soul did the same,

But the Evil thing inside

Twisted and plunged after them all,

Trapping them in its harrowing will.


Deep inside,

On a golden afternoon sometime late in spring,

A red rose bloomed,

Full of compassion and kindness and empathy,

Forcing the black claws of the Darkness to recede

From my quaking, battle-scarred heart.

A fresh new veil across my eyes,

Penetrating the Demon's thick hide,

Let a bright life slide into the place of the old.

It was on the fast track to becoming of the Light,

However much it was still tainted

By the Night.



A year later,

Light floods my vision and 

Has purged my soul of

The Evil thing,

Keeping it tucked far away,

Deep into the darkest corners of my mind.

The Brightness warms my thoughts and

Comforts my insecurities,

Something the Dark never bothered to do.

An Angel watches over me,

Starving my fears and doubts,

Laying waste to my anger and sadness;

It allows my heart to soar in ways

It never had a chance to before.

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