She used to be me


Ignore the girl hiding behind the mask
she whispers to me at night
"what have you done?"
"you're so stupid"
"why would anyone want to care about you?"
her whispers raise in volume and venom
sleep provides no solace

Look away from the creature lurking in my eyes
I am confident
I am cheerful
I am charming
i am composed
I am in control
at least on the surface

The girl at night, the other me
she is illogical
she is incompetant
she is insensative
she is intolerant
she is irascible
at least she is covered

The thing inside used to always be out
she used to be me
not since the medication
and routine, routine, routine
the doctors named her
her name is anxiety, depression, self-hate
Now by the light of day
 the girl inside wears a painted face
but by moonlight's kiss
my demons sing their lullaby

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