What's Hidden Inside

She's broken inside

with nowhere to hide,

yet she has everything in the world.

She's got family and friends

and the spoiling never ends.

But what she wants 

is just a connection.

Where is he? 

Where is he?

Even with her current love

somthing isn't right above.

Where is he?

Where is he?

Maybe no one is ever going to fit.

Where is she?

Where is she?

So lost inside

with no one to confide.

Where is she?

Where is she?

Wilderness at best

inside her chest.

She has to run far away

and lose herself

to find what's truly hers.

Has she settles for less,

when her dreams are much more vast

and her love much different than 

what she's been given?

This life has changed, broken off.

She's ready to start a new chapter.

She wants to go to a place where 

nobody knows her name

and start a whole new tory

to her glory and fame.

She wants to be wants to be wants to be felt.

But mother doesn't know, grandma doesn't know, her lover doesn't know, her friends don't know.

That piece inside of her inside that she doesn't want to hide.

But it's there.

The demon is there.



This poem really shows the deep thoughts you have. Lovely. Truely an excellent poem.

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