Questions like daggers

A desperate question, asked by a friend

Five simple words- “Have you set a date?”

My heart quickened my mind raced

Did you know that queries could be daggers?

Knives that spin and stick in your chest?

Your question was loaded, heavy and stiff.

Did you know when you asked,

Those five words could change my world?

And rock this crumbling boat?

I guess I didn’t know I had fallen so far,

That family friends’ worry,  

And I’d stopped wishing on stars

That my mind was stuck in a fog that

Only leads to sad ends.

But your question made my tired mind

Gasp and reach for breaths of painful air

I’m trying not to fall back down,

Trying trying to let hope live within

No, I wont ‘set a date’

Because my cruel demons cannot win

I will fight until the end or

Until the sun rises, over this eternal wound


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