Angry Demons


United States
42° 30' 18.954" N, 123° 19' 38.3376" W

Drowning in black.
Pulling me back is the red
The rage that brings around my head
The blood to bring about the blue flood,
Not of tears, but of a flimsy handle on my fears
To act ok I put on my face that I keep by the door and wear by day.
Yet, I still can’t fight it, still give into
Natures poison pulsing through my body, so angry.
I feel the change as I morph into the animal.
The bestial mannerisms burst forth,
Dominating me.
Pushing me to maim those that hurt me.
Delighted, I deliver punishment
Primal emotion drives me and
I relish their pain.
As another bone breaks.
Skull shatters.
Neck snaps.
Person falls.
I begin to run.
I violently destroy all that get in my way.
No longer am I the weak one.
No longer subservient to tyranny.
As I am thrust back into my human state…..
I smile.


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