Mirror of Me

Author's Note: I am extremely proud of this poem. I entered it into San Mateo's City Arts contest and recieved an honorable mention, and didnot have any intention, and did not follow the theme. So I hope you all enjoy this poem.



In a room with one light,

A single thing left in sight.

A mirror that looks empty,

Waiting for something.

Waiting for someone to peer at themselves

To see their demons, their hate, and pain.


All alone I stand, afraid to move,

Fighting back the darkness, my own doom.

I won’t scream, nor speak,

I’m frail like a glass,

I approach the mirror to see my past.


The empty promises, and all the lies

The ones that broke me, to make me die.

Words meant to cut like knives,

I see a demon within my eyes.

The hatred I’ve felt, the pain I’ve dealt,

Every word I’ve left unsaid.

Every memory I’ve tried to lay to rest.


The silence whispers words into my ears,

I am face to face with all my fears.

I look at the girl broken inside,

The reflection of her is mine.

The truth of my heart, different from what I show.

But the words on her skin, reflect my hope.

“Smile, laugh, sing a song, you know who you are



That is the issue is it not?

That we refuse to listen to our thoughts.

That we all ignore our past, and look to the future

We refuse to see what has made us better.

Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror,

See yourself, your truth, and demons.

Accept who you are, because you’ve grown stronger.

Hide in the shadows no longer.




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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