They built these walls to protect me

At least that's what they said.

"Monsters, demons and darkness live

Beyond these high stone walls"

Entrigued I was by their small fact

Every ounce of my blood wanted freedom.

Suddenly motivated to escape,

But I was bound by chains of fear.

It wasn't my fear though.

They feared the outside world.

I was fascinated, captivated,

Desperate for a way out

To witness what the demons did,

To be part of the dark,

To defy the father,

And overthrow the matriarch.


That very night as dark crept in,

I slipped over the wall.

Beyond was like something I'd never seen,

But, to my sad surprise, I found

No monsters nor demons.

Just trees and weathered rocks.

There was a different presence though.

The night seemed far too dark.

It appeared that someone had dimmed the moon

And turned off all the stars.

It was like ecstasy.

Filling my soul with jocund dark.


Time passed on by, the sun would rise.

I clambered back over the wall

As night seeped into day.

Faking sleep tucked in my bed,

I heard the ominous matriarch:

"Time to get up, you selfish thing,

You haven't been awake all night."

Dragging myself out of my bed, 

I watch her slam my open door.

And then I smile inwardly

For she has no idea:

The darkness is inside of me.


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