Warriors of Warfare Part II

The battle within, is more intense than the fight outside. I want to take a puff, hit that needle, run then hide. I am brave in spirit, and stronger than I realize, but nothing I can think of, can compare to the high. They call it a "high" should be called a low. Low sense of self, no shame, what starts as 99 percent pleasure turns to 100 percent pain. It could be a trick, a method to make you submit to the fear of success. If I could just try it once more, how hard can it be to quit? RISE UP! RISE UP! I'm going to win this war! fool me once with your tricks! But deceive me no more! I know what you are, finally I see. Nothing more than a tool, that thinks it can get the best of me. I will stand my ground sober, flaming sword in my hand. Let the battle begin demons! I will kill you and your wicked friends. You have no power. No fuel to burn your evil games. God is on my side, I fight for good in his name. Die you coward demons! You're now playing my Game!
One minor victory, feels good I have to say. I know this epic battle has just begun, and to win the war, it is the small victories day by day. I have yet to see his secret weapon, but I can feel the presence of her snake like eyes. she says "you deserve a break from this war life". NO! I shout, I am in control! Do you not see with your eyes? Haven't you already paid the toll? He waves her pretty smile in my face, makes her dance, that sexual chase. I want to help her, let her take command of her soul. She doesn't know that the evil one is in control. I reach out my hand, I'm the one you should follow, put down that needle and take my hand, i will lead you to the Holy Father. Wait, just one last time she says, ready to give God control. I just need one more hit, so I can remember what I am letting go. No! I shout. No! It's too late. She lays there in perfect silence. The poison just froze her veins. The spark of light left in her eyes has faded, nothing left but a body. Why! I cry Why! Why did she ever come to this party? Her daughter cries, and mother trembles, as we put her in the ground. Not a bird sings in the sky, no whispers from the wind, the darkness creeping into the light. the evil one has her, he made this war personal. he has her soul and is coming for yours. This time with his secret weapon. A ball of grief, thrown at me from the depths of hell. Thinking it will be his finishing touch, hoping that I throw in the towel. I sit and wait, needle in my hand. I slowly start to come alive, as i puncture the vein. Ready to blast to my pain free land. I register the blood, and watch it paint my needle red. The evil one is laughing at me. Thinking he has me dead. I smile, because this warrior caught him without being detected. I rip the needle out of my arm, more powerful than his most violent demon. I look him in the eyes, and take back the souls he's taken. Wait! Wait! the devil cries, wounded and alone. You said you worked for me! how can this be fool! I laugh in confidence, as the light burns in my eyes. my name is Mercury, I'm the messenger in disguise. In case you didn't get the memo demon! you have to fight harder than that to take these lives! Ha! I'm more powerful than you now! Thou shalt not want but to see you die!

I wake up, in a chilly shivering sweat. One more down, and many more to go. But these demons havent seen my secret weapon yet


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