When Demons Attack

I hear the screams

I hear the cries

But when I try to stop them

The voices reply,

"Darling dear….”

“You've been talking back!"

This follows with a grand, loud smack

And suddenly—I taste the metal in my mouth

As every defense I have leaves south


I try to run—

Away from them

But when I try,

Their hatred stems

"I do everything for your sorry ass!"

"How disappointing” they spit, “you piece of trash!”

What can I do to relieve their wrath?

They grin as I make a long, red path


Down my arms

Like thin rivers

Drops of red….

That make me shiver


They whisper harshly, "You flinched, more red!"

"I'm hungry; I'm starving! I MUST BE FED."


So I lay alone with them on my bed,

As they dump their acid into my head

Relaying everything that's ever been said

When I realize it'd be so much nicer being dead.

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