Aspiring Knights and Demons

Fri, 02/06/2015 - 19:07 -- 2Defend

Our bodies are nothing but sacred battle grounds.Our ribs wrap around our chests to ensure that no one else feels the earth-shaking explosions that rock our cores. Our muscles ache and strain just to keep every struggle confined and hidden. 

See, every morning we rise to the glowing beats of our hearts, awoken by the whistle of wind somewhere between our lungs and our spines. 

And every day our demons rise with us. They come in every shape, size, and degree of dangerous and they are not the kind to take prisoners. 

Jealousy is a sick monster. She washes over you, soaks you in her poison until you're saturated. Until your ribs can be used like rope to to tie your trust to your already bent backbone. Until the thoughts born from your imagination are used only to nail it in place and all you can do is hold your shield up against every blow, beaten back to restless, anxious, and useless. 

Then finally, when there is a break in the never ending siege you raise what you yield aiming to strike it down only to watch the tension crack it, watch disappointment crumble in your hands like promises.

Our bodies are nothing but vessels, carrying in them our messiest wars. Our hand are calloused from holding onto illusions too tight for too long. In our eyes the history of epic battles between those who endure and the demons they face are etched eternally. 

We amount to nothing but our greatest victories which are born only from our darkes fights.


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