Warriors of Warfare

I've seen the Angels and Demons, I'm aware of Davinci's code. I keep falling down this path I'm on, somewhere I lost the road. I've stared a monster in the face. the evil I should fear, I felt none. I've seen my higher self battle, but the war he is fighting has just begun. I see the sparkle of a soul, fighting on my side, I see the darkness of the evil one, his eyes hiding in plain sight. I will pick up my sword, slash and slay, I will fight for the light, I will fight my demons until judgement day. When that day comes, you will see me, in armor, sword in hand. They call me mercury, I'm faster than the earth can spin. A messenger for good, deliverer of evil. I only play by the rules, I'm sorry if my actions seem deceitful. I only care for his true passion, to love the earth, and take care of his people. the fighting just begun today, don't look in the direction of his evil. rise up and battle, the earth is God's to take. don't put a price on your soul, it's not the evil ones to take.
So you think your battle worthy? Yet my gifts and treasures you care none? Did you not rejoice in triumph, when my needle hit you? made you numb? You gave yourself to me! I already own you soul! The addictions you can't defeat! The demons you carry will not let go! Keep thinking you can win, we both know that you won't. Keep thinking of a better earth, I shall laugh when I see it crumble! I have ahold, I'm not letting go. Coward! I own your soul! Even the fools and jokers see, you're a weak man with nowhere to go! I laugh at you! see my demons picking away at your soul. Soon you will be mine. And back to hell you will go! Tell your holy one game on! But this soul is fighting for the dark. there's no sound to start this battle, I have already won. Hit the needle, hit this joint, feel the pain go away. I'm not the cursed one! I'm the one who ends the pain. How can you trust the holy one? When he sent his son to death that supposed good Friday.



wow very intriguing keep writing


Wondering if this is contest worthy??


Wondering if this is contest worthy??

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