The Coming


To change the past was your mistake

A broken life you can’t remake

Scars become the lines that you have crossed.


A child’s yearning to be free

Became your own worst enemy.

How will you replace all the friends that you have lost?



You're alone and you're undone

All your friends have come and gone.

Behind the mask I can clearly see.

You'd give anything to be free.

Now's the time to change who you are.


Forced to face the wasted years

Now you’re drowning in your tears.

It’s so hard to breath when you’re alone.


I will chase away the night.

Together you and I will find the light.

Now’s your chance so please come home.




Come into my arms and cry.

I will never leave your side.

Make some room for me inside your heart.


You and I will be complete.

We will never face defeat.

Erase the past and build a better start.


(alternate chorus)

You're with me, the past is gone

Now you're life has just begun.

Without the mask I can clearly see

You're embracing all you were meant to be.

Take my hand and we'll retake the stars!


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