Where are My Angels?

These demons always plague me,

They keep me in constant torment.

Where could the angels be?

They aren’t stopping my demons.

The demons only get riled,

And I ask God for help.

He tells me “fall down on your knees child”

But then the demons attack,

They stand me up and scream,

“God will never help you,

You are not part of the dream!

End this fight right now,

And we will show you how

To be rid of this pain,

Your fight is not in vain”

I don’t know who to trust,

I’m stuck in between,

I have to choose

Trust the demons or the promise unseen?

Where are my angels?

The ones that I need most,

They haven’t answered my call,

They let the demons play host.

I’m completely split in two,

An impossible decision to make.

Oh Lord what should I do?

This is a fight that I can’t lose.

“Fall down on your knees child”

“Your fight is not in vain”

I’ve been fighting for a while,

To make this choice I cannot deign.


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