Symphony of Shit (SOS)

Life is a journey through the woods

And I’m stuck in a bitter-sweet loop

Many times, I’ve sworn I’ll change, but

No matter what, every day’s the same

Self-hate, OCD, anxiety, and more

Oh, woe is me, I’ve hit rock bottom

Yet, I still believe that one merry day

I’ll find a way to settle my scores

Drowning in toxicity as I plan for a better me

If only I could escape this mess,

Fall into

a deep, dark sleep

They say, “losing’s half the battle,” but

I’ve yet to have a single victory

So I trudge along this frightful road

In this pile of shit which is my own

As I hum quietly to a happy song

To prolong the crippling sadness

But alas, my friends, I am not free

And this path is not my own

For when demons whisper in the night

I open my ears to hear a dreadful

sermon of sinful symphonies

When I close my ears to their horrid noise,

Then they begin to scream.

“Let me in your head,” they say,

As they drain my vital energy

Weaken my mind and harden my soul,

Until my submission is guaranteed

As they lead me down this path to nowhere,

Pleasure and pain become one

I give in to their horrid influence, lost

On this path of horrors forevermore

As the demons screech and dance around me

Gleefully penetrating my damaged psyche

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