Fri, 05/17/2013 - 01:06 -- MelGarr


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Like a touch upon the heart
He touched my hand.
A feather, caressing my pain within.
I fell apart..
I fell, melting through the tiniest all seams.
Like that feather knew
where I had hid all those dreams.
All those ticks and little screams.
He found them all,
Like he knew all those things.
He's angelic heart went straight to mine,
And I fell apart..
I thought I was rock.
I thought I was stone.
Then a feather of a hand,
Intertwined itself with mine.
He is my angel, my solider, my prince.
With not even a kiss,
I reopened my eyes.
I melted the ice I was buried within.
I opened my heart completely for him.
I opened my heart completely for both.
Willing to let out my cry's,
I condemned all those bad things awaiting outside.
I pulled away the blanket of safety from my eyes.
I stood ready for the biggest fight of all time,
To face the fears of the night.
Because of him.
Because of both.
Because of me,
I fought back to be free.
And so I screamed.
And so I yelled.
I felt the power of love
Within my little veins.
I felt strong, though so weak.
I finally felt,
I was me.


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