Everyone has demons,

But mine are different.

They feed on my pain,

And play with my sanity.

They jump from shoulder to shoulder,

Always telling me I’m not enough.

I try to fight them off,

But they’re much too strong.

They toy with my emotions,

And feed me into hatred.

All while they prepare me,

For the day of my death.

They try to make it sooner,

And I can barely resist them.

They laugh at my struggles,

They tell me it’s my own fault.

They torture me with memories,

And they keep me awake all night.

My demons keep me chained.

I can’t get the help I need,

Because they tear me away.

They make me pretend that I’m okay,

When I feel like I’m falling apart.

As I battle them all,

They laugh at my failures,

And tell me they will never leave.


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