It's Just A Question

Tue, 11/11/2014 - 13:10 -- ELF9


Sometimes I just look at you wondering how the world treats you, and what's going on inside your head.

Does it scream and disturb, or does it just waver into a solitary sanctuary that entrusts your deepest secrets?

It's just a question cause I've just been thinking about how you handle, unravel, and act towards anyone who has the guts to say they know you.

I want to know you. I want to know your thoughts, I'll even pay a pretty penny.

You can close the door while you enlighten me talking, and I'll sit back and do what I do best, which is listening.

My hands might be cold, but my heart is warm, and I promise you can hear it speak louder than any bruise or any emotion that has ever been born.

You can hear it over my voice, over the colors in my eyes, over anything you touch, any disguise, and I bet you I could erase any of the lies you believe...anything,

I beg you. Please.

Just let me in. Let me be your safe place, a wall you can paint, someone you can trust, together to create a soul of safety.

You are so closed off, so silent. And I know I'm opposite, but I just can't help but wonder why.

Do you look happy when you're excited? Do your hands move when you talk, do you look at your feet when you walk?

I just want to know.

Sometimes I look at you and wonder how the world treats you.

Do you let people like me in? It's just a question. 

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