Moon and Sea


Confidently unthinking I walked into the shadows

 I thought I was Lolita, hardly, really I was callow

Shallow silly mistakes I made while in the crypt will haunt me

Jaded faded memories like ghosts will surely taunt me

 My innocence lingered in my heart, I didn't know

It's sinister the way it's easy to let the heinous grow

Red suns turned to blue moons every single night

As harrowing demons came out and filled my soul with fright

As the monsters crawled from the depths, I watched the star filled skies 

Do you dare look close enough to see them in my eyes?


My horrors come awake only when I sleep

My soul is telling my heart it's my innocence I should keep

The world is unawakened so I seek the moons advice

She whispers all her secrets down in breath that's cool as ice

I learned from her the unspeakable monsters that I fiercely wished to hide

Could become my spirits saviors, all I need to do is try

As my vision of the darkness, thanks to Luna, started to change

I felt the warmth of the salty sea calling out my name

For the moon had told the wise old waters about my troubled soul

and the ocean reached out from peaceful places to keep me from the cold

The sea came out each night and swept me from reality

Telling magic stories only age would know about morality


In the end it was evil that had taught me to live in peace

from my loves, the moon and sea, I learned to forgive with ease

No longer do I look at monsters and see wicked things

but rather stories of beautiful sadness, lessons living brings

And when you catch me briefly close my pale blue eyes

it's because I'm thanking the moon and sea, rejoicing within moonlit tides


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