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Turn out those lights and darken this room.

The temperature's down, it feels like a tomb.

Breath coming ragid and heart beating fast.

Waiting for this attack to finally pass.

Shutting my eyes to block out my mind.

Searching for an exit that I cannot find.

Blood pounding wildly, I hear it in my ears.

As my mind escapes and lets loose all my fears.

Trapped in this darkness that has no end.

Waiting for the surgeon to help this heart mend.

Strapped to the bed with no sign of escape.

Demons looming close, seeing only their shape.

Needles coming towards me in whirling rush.

A finger tip coming close, hearing "Hush, baby, hush."

Silence so loud I can hear my mind break.

Seeing lies flash but not knowing they're fake.

Chains locked tight around my throat and wrists.

Hearing Satan whisper "God doesn't exist."

Someday, somehow, I'll break loose these chains.

I'll look at my life and I won't see these stains.

But for now, I surrender, I'm done fighting back.

I can run but not hide, that's what I was told.

Silly Satan, don't you know, my soul's already been sold.



I had an extremely scary dream and when I woke up, I wrote this poems. We spend everyday of our lives fighting; fighting to live, fighting our emotions and fighting ourselves. Dreams help us face but we think we cannot face and what we are afarid to face. Sometimes you don't even realize that you were afarid in the first place. It's quite a beautiful process.

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