Beauty in the Beast


I wander throughout the earth
Searching for my haven
Where is safety?
All that I see is as the first
Nothing familiar to my sight
Constantly running from the past
Forever haunting
He hunts for my soul
The avenger of my sin’s worth
Their screams echo
Their hearts bleed
As the light in their eyes fade
Guilt weighs down on my heart
For the life of my flesh
Exists by their death
Life for a life
The cost I must pay twice
Woe to who do not call me stranger
Their fate will never flee from danger
I am darkness
You are light
You cast your eyes upon my shadow
Sought me out amidst the night
I fled in fear
Because your blood was pure
Beautiful and innocent
A star in the sky
Let it be far from me that I should harm you
So why do you draw near?
Cast me away to the sea
Let her fury swallow my vessel
And me be forgotten from your memory
Send your heart to seek after another I say
I will be forever grateful
Can you not hear?
Let me be gone!
And you will live long
My soul is treacherous
Even now I feel the disease growing within
A monster whose claws I cannot give in
Heartache draws nigh
This is your warning
Give me wings to fly
All the while I die
Do not say you can save me
Or that I will overcome this demon
I AM the demon
Do not think otherwise
Or let your heart deceive you
I am the darkness
You are the light
We cannot dwell together
In unity, never

Part Two

My beloved,
From the moment I first laid eyes upon you
My heart opened into life anew
I could see for the first time
And my spirit found purpose too
Love is not blind
I can see who you are in the night
And I know your every fright
You are a wonder
You are in pain
It breaks my heart to see you shamed
I know who you are
But not as you think
You are a beauty in this darkness
In the beginning— a creation sinless
Regardless of who you are or what you’ve done
You, I will never shun
Embrace freedom
And accept my love
I found you in the dark
Let me guide you to the sun


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beautifully written

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