Seen Through the Window

Through my dark eyes and out of the shattered window

I see fire

An endless and chaotic fire with flames of hatred

I hear the cry of people coming to their deaths

I laugh at them; at there fake cries of mercy

They don’t know

They don’t what it feels like

To be completely damned to hell

To not ever get the light back in your eyes

To be completely shattered and burned

Like a broken toy

Who has lost its favoritism

Or like a child

Who has lost its innocents

To be ones own friend and enemy

To be in an endless pit of loneness

To not be able to confine to anyone

Not even yourself

This is why I laugh at them

They haven’t even begun to feel it

The sensation of the devil having his way with you

The feeling of god touch as he abandons you

They only had a preview of there wraith

This is only the begging

If only they learn how to enjoy it

Embrace it

The devils touch can be glorious

Being condemned is a gift

I was born to be his right hand

I was born from suffering

I am the daughter of wickedness

Oh if they only knew

If they only how his embrace

How it really feels

I was reborn from his touch

What my brown sweet eyes

Was replaced with hell’s fire of corruption

This is only the beginning

Of my wrath

Of my domain

Of my demons

I have held them back for as long as I can

Now there is no going back

There is no holding back

Life as we knew it

Has come to an end

All because of me

This is only the beginning

The fun has just begun


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