a dichotomy in submission

There’s a devil kneeling at my heels 

and an angel bowing low before me. 

One burns bright and blinding,

the other burns strong and lasting.

One’s reminding me the world 

is in my hands 

and the other’s telling me the world 

is at my throat. 

One says I will fail. 

The other says I will fly. 

One claims he’s there for my humility, 

the other says he’s there for my pride,

and I stand, trying to figure out who’s saying what.

Each believes his fire is guiding, 

though neither know towards what. 

Both forget how hot their fires burn.

Neither knows what they say,

only that they want me to believe

their words, meant to have meaning 

but forgetting to mean anything. 

One sees a lamb in front of him, 

the other sees a lion. 

They forget I am human,

they forget I can be both.


The angel has straightened 

and the devil risen from his knees. 

Both are disappointed, 

unable to sway me. 

Or perhaps believing 

the other has convinced me of something. 


Neither realises what actually happened. 


A mere mortal, standing,

with heaven bowed

and hell on its knees.




Yesterday there was a full moon...

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