I'm laying in bed
My eyes to the wall
As I sense the black demons
Come creep down the hall
Some fly from my closet 
I hear their thin wings
Others are crawling
From 'neath my box springs 
And they stalk to my bedside
Their eyes glowing red
Piercing like needles 
They reek of the dead
Their breathing is raspy
As dry lungs suck air
Their bodies are matted
With flaked blood and hair
Scabby flesh rotting
The protrudence of bone 
Twisted and evil
They screech and they moan 
Then one reaches for me
With sick horrid claw
Thick dark saliva 
Drips down his jaw
Strong fingers wrap coldly
Around my bent knee
Chills lace my ankle
And paralyze me
Their hands trace my body
Trailing black slime
Rubbing in filth
Garbage and grime
They scratch out my eyeballs
Claws rake my face
My soft lips are ravaged
With sickening grace
They dine on my body
Make feast of my mind 
Splurge on the darkness
That I've let them find
Yet they leave me angered
Unfilled and upset
For not all of this temple 
Have I let them get
They can't have my heart
It's beating and whole
And what's most important
They won't get my soul


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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