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When a surgeon had to operate on a man, she was pissed.She botched the operation because the patient was sexist.She learned he was sexist and botched the operation so that he would die.
You are a doctor who is a murdering psychopath.You hate certain people and they suffer your wrath.When a patient is racist, you think it gives you the right to kill her or him.
The smell of sand. The feeling of peace. The edge to cry for absolutely no reason. The cravings...the need to be held.
It was the most horrible thing I've ever seen.I was murdered 100 years ago on Halloween.A man accused me of vandalizing his house but I didn't do it.I told him that I was innocent but sadly, I could not prove it.
The government, the military, and the police are organizations that work together. These organizations should find a way to do their jobs without doing the following things. 1. Embarrass innocent people,
It is time to lift up the carpet of deception and expose the dirt that you swept under it. We do not care whether you can stand the smell of your own excrement or not.
A suitcase was left on my porch that was full of body parts.When I learned whose body it was, it really broke my heart.I burst into tears when I learned that it was my son.I hunted the killer down and shot him with my gun.
El eterno silencio Es la muerte A menudo decimos bajo este cielo Donde los enemigos están en todas partes Incluso entre matones y tontos
Death is The eternal silence We often say under this sky Where the enemies are ubiquitous
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } (June 2022)   The locked door broken open A knife in the bathroom Blood on bedsheets and towels
My job is to expose and discredit corrupt police and politicians. I will also keep an eye open for kidnappers and scammers. You will not see me in the shadow, but I will certainly see you.
As a Chorus of Angels, May you rest in PeaceThe Almighty God will render you JusticeHe will welcome you all in His KingdomWhere there is more Liberty and Freedom.
On top of a mountain, We will meet-  Like chalk stains and the rinsing of knuckles.  Tonight a salamander has slayed a dragon.  
Two men died over a woman who was as beautiful as a jewel.They both loved her and they both died when they had a duel.This horrible incident occurred in the year 1802.Two lives were lost when both men were through.
Let me tell you about the most tragic love story that has ever been known.It's about a man who had a lover and her name was Pauline Jones.It happened thirty-five years in the past.But sadly, it was destined not to last.
Coldness prickles my feet The winter morning is no joking matter  If you have no means to eat or a place to sleep   The twigs crackle crackle crackle
Medical scientists have secretly done many unlawful experiments on human subjects. Politicians and scientists are without doubt the wickedest people on this planet.
Readers, is there really a difference between capital punishment and murder? Let us examine the definition of murder that we find in the encyclopaedia
Your imagination tells you that your race is superior to others, But in reality you’re not better human beings than me All mortal men of dust should treat one another as equals
The night was filled with alcohol and chips  Cards and bets  Family and friends The smell of wine and burnt bread Pasta on the floors and fur at our feet Cats pawing and dogs howling 
Tic Toc Tic Toc Life is lived by the clock
It is time that the international community wake up to the absolute nonsense that the United States has been doing.   The foolish aim of the United States is to control the world with bad influence.  
The idiot in Jamaica House and the commissioner of police with their delusional ideas are utterly confused. .
The child that you are carrying is not a plaything. It is a human being like you and me. And life is very precious to the Creator. The marvels of conception are beyond our comprehension.
Compatriots, we must never forget the gruesome massacre in Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Gardens has the lowest crime rate and it is in fact the safest place in Kingston.
You try to limit my lawful opinion by threats, scared tactics and intimidation. The truth terrifies you evil serpents, so you do not want to hear it. You flee in confusion like insane persons when nobody is pursuing you. .
I shall unsparingly criticise your prestigious “50 Year Celebration.” Let me ask a few thought-provoking questions: How did you finance such a costly event? Did the money come from the pockets of the tax payers?
We are many shades lighter But carry the most darkness Complicit in the genocide Of those who look different
you buried our relationship six feet underground you didn’t leave a single flower, you didn’t even bother with a fucking tombstone all i was to you,
With the light shining on my face, You told me I look full of grace. When I flared my nose while I was upset with you, You told me it was me you wanted to pursue. When I cried about something so small,
Does The Sight of My Hair Make You STARE ... ??? If Your Answer Is Yeah Do You Think That's Fair ... ?
Hands    holding hands in a nervous embrace   Hands    holding hands in a last prayer to god
There once was a queen Who was very mean Amara was her name Tricks were her game Her tricks were sly And she could fly She was above the rest For no one good best her
Bang! Bang! The gun sang and the sound rang as he hangs His blood spilt inside of the house he had built Filled with guilt; you rapidly rose He turns a cyrstal pale and looks so frail
When I woke up one day, I realized, my personality wasn't the same as usual. I had never acted this way before. When I woke up, my reflection stood over me, looking down on me. I felt small,
Overthinking things Makes me want to scream
I bought a shotgun at a flea market without knowing that it was used to commit a horrible crime.The former owner used the shotgun to kill an entire family and I was about to have to do hard time.
My evil stepmother and I became lovers and we killed my dad.We did it so that we could get all of the money that he had.We were greedy and we made sure that Dad would Rest in Peace.
Living on campus is too dangerous these days As I have a fear of guns that will blaze As school shootings are not a phase   So I commute A thirty-five minute drive
You watched me from my window and took out your anger on my body with your eyes.   ~awatr
The most beautiful blue sky comes after a day of rain, The most beautiful art comes from a place of pain, Some of the wisest people we claim to be insane, These worldly people are evil, ice reigns in their veins,
She sits still, her voice cracking from the fear of the hideous creature before her. Any slight movement and she will be killed slowly and painfully. The girl grows rather querulous waiting
glittery souls, half-took breaths rest-less hearts, uncleansed mess coated daggers, red-stained walls unseen brutality, unseen by all a cripple depression, unheard cries no long here, a thousand lies
When I think of the world I'm afraid to look at what it has become. People struggle through the darkness that has risen all through out the pastures of their very land.
Scattered whispers all around, Stains of crimson on the ground; Countless faces looking down At the woman in a gown.   As the white turns into red From the blood the woman shed,
all of the days when you wanted to hide all of the times when you made mistakes all of the moments when you hated what lived inside all of the nights when your heart finally breaks
Monkey see monkey do, Monkey's gonna murder you. Monkey knows the way you sneak, Sees the company you keep. With a collar around her throat,  Monkey's gonna make you choke.  Monkey see monkey do,
It's not a trial to slay a doe Among the forest floor and snow, Enchanted by the final breath Echoing from the chasm breath. A soul escaping from a snout,  A final breath struggles out
Machine of pain, Which pours blood like rain. You helped my forefathers liberate, You made the home I venerate. Through wilderness and adveristy, There are lives you defend.
Note: This poem is not based off real people or events, any resemblance is completely coincidental.   Tomorrow is Thursday I’ll be remembered, in my own way.
The vibrating sound of the machinery rang loudly throughout the room. I took great pleasure in listening to its penetrating music as I watched her small statured body wreathe against the blood-stained straps
Dearest Alan, Sharp tongue, Sharper wit, Fervent spirit. I think of you in C-SPAN, I think of you in my walkman.
The crimson crosses silver flakes The body not a sound does make The silent cries that make me shiver As the corpse slowly withers The winter breeze a chill does send But the sorrow it can not mend
Her eyes mask her emotions, Her gaze, as cold as the Pacific ocean, As she holds the knife, He begs for life,
It's been a month since I've   come around, and it's been a month since I    went and found that I have a hard time believing in humanity.   Humanity- Humanity-
Steps away from deathMinutes away from the endAs here I stand, my crossroadsEverything I thought I knew“Kill or be Killed?”The wordsThe taste of poison off my tongueTo save a life?Her life?
  Frozen hands on the face Echoing, echoing Killing me without a trace The silence, loud in my ear What then, oh my, oh dear, oh dear   That’s it, I’m done, life’s not worth living
I slowly slice a bagel into two, smashing cream cheese on to both halves. Police walk through my entire home   donning briefcases and latex gloves. My parents nervously sip coffee in the    corner
The first image was of a young boy with a bat. Cute. The second, blurry, showed the boy walking, dragging his bat with. The third negative showed the boy with his (presumed) little brother.
The crimson drops under the moonlight A howl echos through the long night The stars that shine way up high A dreary gleam covers the sky My body slowly stats to quake Fear within my heart it does make
Since when does one become "evil"? Is it my pride that broods you? Or my age of wisdom and fairness No one Not even my little sister Could ever succeed?  
Pay your respects don't disrespect it's bitter days my mind astray your silhouette drawn by the bay there on the floor
Once upon a time there was a young girl in trouble She needed to pay for college but she had no money So she crafted up a devious plan It was so disturbing and dark she could not bring herself to say it out loud
Everyone knows the story of The Little Mermaid right? Young mermaid falls in love with a dashing prince at sea and marries him and they live happily ever after? Wrong. Ariel was not interested in Prince Eric at all,
Goodbye my Angels oh where did you go? Goodbye my Angels so little we know. Goodbye my Angels I sit and I stare. Goodbye my Angels Daddy's still here. Goodbye my Angels your departure so soon. Goodbye my Angels I wish somebody knew....
  Welcome to my country My home and my land My pride and joy   My country The place of freedom
Lover, Stepping over Boundaries and trials. Leaving me was nasty business ... Murder.
Shes a baby ok, shes always sad right, she feels as if she never belongs, after her sister abandonned her, she ran, she hid, she feels like she should die, you killed her, murderer
Your tiny hands rap around my throat. They reach and grope like hangman's rope to break a neck already broke. snap crack and smash these sinews That hold my head up in the sky.
Crazy maiden in the woods tracked her down as best I could She and I both bruised and bled. My leg was lame. She sought me dead.   A tear-smudged face,  a curdling cry A deadly grace,
Bullying seems only to me to be The single thing that’s keeping me from you, but not you from me You laugh at me, you push and shove, I run home crying, to pray to the man above Ask him to help, in any way he could
I murdered you. I made absolutely sure. I jammed the knife right through The piece of my heart In which you had chosen to dwell. It's alright, I justified, The act was clearly self-defense,
57 Dead. 35 Days.  If drugs were the problem Why is murder the solution? Rehabilitation - an offer not worth refusing
HELLO BOYS AND GIRLS!LETS HAVE SOME FUN!While your parents are drinking,play with this gun!A game of Cops & Robbers.SHOOT AND KILL!OOPS!! You have a Boo Boo?Here, take this pill.
Thanksgiving has arrived and theirs nothing to eat.A starving single mother has two children to feed.They won't stop whining and crying about their hunger,The starving single mother is fed up and ponders.
Our skin meshed,By our tendons underneath,We were so grateful,Until you needed more than we, One by heart,Three by the feet,Your elbows now tug against my cheeks,Trying to rip through the sheath,And make your run for the prince,Your passions flow
Where roses meet asphaltWither. Rot. Mold. Asphyxiate.Here lie collapsed towersHeat. Lost. Combustion. Timber.Angels fallen trumpet loudAshes. Feathers. Triumph. Lore.Time runs ever odd
She once killed a man named Freddie Doo. For he loved to fondle with her shoe. So she chopped him into pieces, Which she sent to her nieces Did I mention that she is a cow named Moo Moo?
My mama told me that I belong in the world. Now I never took her word for it, For I never met a man who belonged. Not really. Not truly.   We are all struggling to get somewhere.
I hear piercing screams from the burning village. From scared women, adults and underage. Oh! The terror of this pillage! I am standing behind the muzzle of a smoking gun, And I can’t stop firing, “Bam! Bam!”
After you destroyed me I wanted to cut off your hands Rip your fingers to shreds Tear your lips off of your face Gouge your blue eyes from their sockets Slice your legs to bits  
im really rather fond of drivingof moving, while not moving muchof possessing the power to annihilatebut using it for meandering about andgoing to mcdonalds
  I killed that little girl Thought she wasn't good enough for this world Buried her deep in the past She was unearthed at last My darling, I'm so sorry for what I did Everything good about you I hid
When I find an old poemPackaged beneath an allegoryOr taped beside a piece of prose,Warm and balmy and still swollenRipe with the undisturbedWordsWithin their plastic wrapper,
I don't get much sleep. I wish that I could leave. It feels like I can't breathe. A ghost I want to be. I wonder if other people feel, This way that I always will. All I wish is to bring back you.
I walk to my home, the summer air is thick; surrounded by hallowed street lights and homes of made of brick The streets I walk, normally awake with life, are empty and dull; not a cackle of laughter in my line of sight
You murdered me with whisperings of trusted secrets now in fling. Our trust you tore with rampant greed and flaunted my foolish empathy that marked you as my everything.  
    The earth quaked in Northridge, California. Winds of death struck Alabama President Nixon took his last breath. 1994. My memories of these events are overshadowed.
I've tried evading the situation but I have bled for too long and I can no longer be strong My heart has called for a confrontation. The betrayal is quite tiresome
I've got the scars on my heart to prove my pain After this I will never be the same You say I only have me to blame But you, the liar, should feel ashamed I've got scars on my heart to to show why I cry
On the night spirits rush outside of the door The fire grows larger, singeing the floor His heartbeat grows faster, denying his will
And as he waits on the spire of the human soul, End watches.   A woman stands outside and stares across the rugged buildings to the early sunset. It’s a lot of blue covered over with whispy clouds,
She wept As the fire danced and the smoke filled her lungs The crackles of the embers  sang her a song As her essence left her body and she closed her eyes And dreamed of all the good 
How do you like the taste of it? The posion in your tea I put it there with shaking hands There's no way you'll be the end of me  How do you like the sound of it? The weeping when you died Your mother came with me at night Then we closed your eyes
He was throwing bottles at us againA Heineken bottle barely missed Mom's head and I had to duck and roll to dodgeA few bottles of GuinnessHe stammered and slurred his words before he went towards Jenny
Like little red running shoes Dripping with guilty deeds, Washed cean though water-sogged Deep within the reeds.
I saw those cold streets Glass shards covered over the sidewalk in November And every time you speak a little of your soul leaves your mouth Dead bodies and warm blood with the intuition to kill
Buy the ammo You'll get a discount Courtesy of the NRA You know, the people who sit on leather Wear silk And sip the finest wine Courtesy of the assholes Who lack a moral compass And shoot to kill.
(I've written this poem for anybody who is thinking about committing murder.)
I am the voice that you fear the voice of the ones who dare not appear the ones you claim weak the ones society doesn't seek I know you don't care about the girl pulling out her hair
first time i saw you was at the airporti took one look at you and i was lost in thoughtyour beautiful flowing hair, to your lovely brown eyesand a sweet sensual voice that no man can d
A family of Jehovah's Witnesses were having a picnic after they went to a convention.When they met a group of Goth Teens, they learned that murder was their intention.
When there is no way out 
one of the scariest things that i ever came to realize was that it was my natural instinct to kill what i found to be more beautiful than anything else. no one pays it any mind when it's just a flower.
In June of 1870, my Great Great Granddad was playing Poker in the Old West.Even though he was shot, the law neglected to place the murderer under arrest.My Great Great Granddad wasn't being honest, he was cheating.
I sit and think, Unaware of my surroundings, And could not speak. For I could not believe, What I already know to be true.
My feet are starting to hurt. Why the hell did I do this?   God, I think my heart is going to explode.
    In a quaint, little town
She lay there naked and dying
I tie the
They said it could never happen, so when you told me to give you my hands I gave them to you. I even smiled. Now I am tied up and I'll probably die. They say better to have loved and lost,
Dear sweet Philip I am the one to blame. A knife held close next to my shame.   Had you kept quiet So would’ve my blade...   Wait! I see a man,  
I tip toe around I hear banter. What is happening here at Van Keuren Manor?   Who goes there? She says. I shift around Into the darkness I am not found.  
Anger. I can see it in his eyes,
The poor pigeons coo
Darkness consumes the world Like black wings unfurled The cold shroud wraps my heart And aloof, I stand apart.  
BEAUTIFUL Life is a BEAUTIFUL place So BEAUTIFUL that it shouldn’t be taken away
Broken chains, shattered windows. They're no tame, so don't get too close. Run run away, until you see the light of day.
What have I done oh what have I done. Murmors of fear, Stabs of cold, Neverending hate. Oh what have I done? She was nothing to me. I acted out of anger, I acted for pation.
I am not the violent type, no ? Can you not see? I see her last breath in her flat chest as she heaves.
Ahh I can smell that smell from a mile away.  It's that smell of another women's perfume when he's late. He tries to cover it up with one of those old cigars ,but that never really gets him too far.  
mmmmmm. Your hands are warm...and also clammy Maybe it's cause you're nervous or maybe you're not.   In the end it doesnt matter because after it's done,it's done.
A couple of months ago A man murdered two women. Murdered two. Injured six others. But it was okay. It was 100% justifiable by his “troubled past.”
Bang...Bang is the sound we used to make as kids playing? Cops and robbers to the sound we make now as adults with real guns.
They say most black teens don't live see to age twenty-one. We live by the gun so we die by it. These statistics I won't cosign with. They basic labeling me a vindictive idiot.
It seems like time
What loathsome things We humans effectuate! A rape in the alley- A murder in the street- Our minds be feeble. Our hearts be faint.  Kidnappings are common- Child abuse; despair-
Forget Me Not *controversial*    Morning sickness brings the blues, Monthly cycle is overdue. She was drunk that night, Flinging morals in the wind,
I saw my chance and took it, chopped him down. He did not see me coming, the old clown. How could he? I was carful and meticulous studied for weeks I did, oh the wickedness of me.
A heart pressed like a flower between ribcage pages every beat blooming in the blouse in the backseat the blood fertilizing gravel that will never grow to seed if it does it never grows nice things
It was that calm before a tempest blew through the town It was that stillness before a crack of lighning pierces the sky It was that silent bubble of air before you drown
My hands warp and writhe Fabricated conspiricies consume my mind Sinister notions deafen my perceptions What lurks in the corner what will i find? Misfortune haunts my core It is something that i adore
I speak, no one listens Watch the water glisten I am alone in silence.   Begging for help from you Maybe you should watch, too. I am alone in silence.   Do you, friend, hear my pleas?
Birth The offering of a free slate for life A temporary state until death The final resting place   We grew, year after year, to accept the idea that one day We would be on our own  
Because it is vulnerable, an option, you might see. Wide out in the open, entire visibility.
Kindness, is it only but a word?  A person who hears people's needs. But oddly, sadly, is never ever heard.
You try your best to see the light. In a blinding sheet of darkness. You ignore and try to forget.
There’s something in my eye, It just makes me want to cry, Something’s in this country, Make me wish I was blind.   Death wants to rule us, Despair wants end us, Evil wants to distract us,
I have been affected. I have been touched. I have been dissected. I have been hushed. I have been affected By the death of those I love. I have been affected by the death you rain from above.
I can’t listen to the buzzing of the flies anymore. No one finds them pleasing, But every time I hear them now,
Gardening, playing soccer, sipping tea It doesn’t matter where you may be, All they see Is a geography dominated by discord A nation racked by civil war A people doomed to hell.
What I Hate Do you know what I absolutely hate? What makes me so sick to my stomach? And my skin crawl with repulsion? I’ll tell you what I hate:
Another day, another way,
I down another bottle To wash the pain away. For a brief moment, I feel a bit okay.
Only seven weeks ago You were just a dream A figure of my imagination With it bursting at the seams
Why did I ever spend another day with you?
The lush meadow grass, A bright sunny day. Palm clasped in yours Through the fields we'll play.   We can sing and talk, I'll ask you how you are.
Rich green emeralds, rich bright pearls, blood red rubies on pale lace! How rich she was, Oh, Sarafina!   So many fine gems that she carried, so much rich silk did she brandish!
All color and warmth escapes her skin seeping into the  lush green grass that  softly caresses her tear stained cheeks. Cheeks streaked with  with dark paint that 
They say I’m mad, tis not true, I’m in love Thou known through my actions, this moment Glancing through his window on a cold night Watching my love sleep peacefully in bed  
Heating the cold Braving the dark Being bold Seeking the unknown Years pass Memories fade Gone; but never forgotten? The old cliche Stacks of files Silent whispers Read me
Turn. Look my way. “Oh what an angel!” she exclaims And how wonderful it is That our paths have crossed today. I quickly entice her With my sweet voice wobbling delicately.
Abigail Smith: She died tonight, but it's no myth.   Her screams and blood have scarred her town,  Dark red assisted with a shrill sound.   The knife, the scars, the death is all to simple.
She had never been very perceptive. Her body knew weeks before she did that he had been coming near, Making her palms dampen and neck prickle
Goodbye my child --Who isn't a child-- the laughs we'll never have. Your tiny hands I'll never hold, your dreams I'll never pave.   I never asked this burden to bear, I thought I never tried.
I am sensitive, More delicate than a Bleeding Heart. Ice cold criticism is my demise. I resort to witty remarks before lashing out as my last defense.
He walks into my room   An old friend of mine.   He holds something shiny.   "Hello Rae."    He spit my name like something dirty.  
I hate to say you were a mistake, because you weren't.
It all started one day just an ordinary day the first time they got together the first of their new forever Their love was expressed as they got undressed Still just another ordinary day  
Look at the child so sweet and small will it be wild or here at all Look at the toddler so precious and sweet a little waddler such a treat
Do Not Support to Abortion I want to begin by saying that I am pro-life,
That guy in the mirror is a psychopath,don't trust him I keep saying not to stare into your eyes,you'll see him The longer you glare at yourself,survival becomes slim
  It wasn't the type of love that they wrote poems about. It wasn't something
This poem is an insight on the compromise of society's morals, and how we are rapidly discouraging the exploration of spirituality while encouraging materialism.   Plastic brains are statistic,
There's not a day you don't slip my mind I cry, I  pray, and I even ask why I don't get an answer and I don't know why but I continue I continue to tell myself I'm going to be just fine
I would never refer to myself as a murderer Silence, except for the thrust of fists Nothing can calm either, not even a blissful kiss Yesterday's promises have faded to black
Silence is the killer, the murderer most formidable, abducting peace from Solution’s stronghold- mellowing a path toward never-ending Havoc, who takes rightful partnership alongside his accomplice.
It'll just be a Tuesday.A Tuesday, normal to most.Just another day on the calendar. It'll be just another day of the week.
You malicious little thing, you're living in nightmares. Spiders hide in dark in dark corners, crawl out to fill you with fright, dear.
Observe the young children. Laughing Playing Shouting Happy. Soon some will crave a drink or two a smoke or two a lovely high a dull needle a brusie from a lover
You planned their form in the days of Creation, And You'll be with them 'til their final destination. You knit them together in the darkness of night. You made each part special; everything is right.  
Nick was a young man with an eager heart that he gave away willingly to the kind natured Sarah They planned out their lives each second with each other and with him came a boy with wide eyes so blue
My life was short My life was cruel. Winston was my brother But he hardly felt as one. I never was a child I never lived my life. I was robbed of a past I was robbed of a future.
 Dear Mommy, Quietly I lay here undetected and unknown Eager to meet my creator Within you I lay in fetal position growing rapidly as my love for you amplifies
    The room goes cold The door squeaks open And footsteps grow louder A hand grabs the covers
A joker isn’t always funny, A house isn’t always a home, A father isn’t always a dad, A bad person isn’t always an enemy. But twelve have passed, and thousands remain suffering. And by now it is Thursday,
Da Dom Da Dom Da Dom (heart beat)Before I knew of his mistake I’d already condemned himEven as he tried to explain I scolded him for action he never madeRazor held high I went in for the killHe’d never hurt another
Tell me how can you die  When you've never ever Had a soul to be alive  How can you cry  When you may not have A big heart inside And how can you fall  When you've never
I saw the man standing there, the one I am supposed to kill. He doesn't know me yet, but very soon, he will.   We make eye contact, he gives a flirtatious wink. Does he know why I'm here?
Poor baby, broken and torn Your fate was decided before you were born From your mother's lips, your death was sworn   Poor baby, because of a mistake A mistake like any other, that you didn't make 
What is this feeling So strange and alone My fingers cannot move And my heart has turned to stone.   The aching in my head The darkness full of pain The weakness in my lungs
Oh the dark o'ersized spider Crawling through the murk and mire Its lumbering fangs do aspire Slumbering lives soon retire In the dark, they do not know Soon thier sleeping fate will show
  Drain my skin with hands that plunge into my flesh. Ruby drops streaming down my arms, my legs, my chin. Sliding and mixing with salty sweat and tears.
I scream and scream and scream even as you sleep and dream. I see them die and feel their pain. God, sometimes I don't think I'm sane. The pain and screams seem to blur and that beast inside begins to stir.
The bubbly laugh of a baby boy, A beautiful smile of a toddling two year old. The innocence of a child is something we take for granted. To think someone could decide to end the budding life within themselves..
Beyond the mirror lives a lass.The notion is crass, but she is pretty.Through the mirror I see her.See her dancing,See her singing.See her alone.
Whilst walking down the sidewalk,  she saw a large Styrofoam fountain drink. Damn it, she thought, why do people litter? She went home slightly irritated.   Whilst walking down the sidewalk three days later,
Please didn't know, You were sick but it didn't show, I screamed, I cursed but really I was just hurt please come back I miss you I'm sorry for what I did Please just don't disappear
Cursing lights flood the dark, Stains of grey upon the road Twisting, Wrenching Streams Slip Slowly, slickly, down the damp hills hidden behind the curve of my left shoulder ----suntanned, scarred----
Tempest of thine whose love stretches far, Reaching through death to entangle those closest. Though harsh words of sarcasm drip from thy tongue The hidden emotion pierces my soul.
Shadows dancing on the walls will they tremble will they fall blood runs cold in your veins beauty eternal will be your name flash of knife sting of pain the heart's beat slower my smile grows warmer
from fertilization to conception i was 2 living cells but since we have been joined we're on living being now
The blood drips down Her guilty chest Her heart's ripped out By shame She'll never sleep From lack of peace She'll never live Again
Darling you ran towards the bullets Towards screaming babies who didn't know any better. Darling you bolted towards the masked man The mad man with bullets and homicidal rage Darling--
Slicing your jugular in two and watching the blood gush out and pool on the ground. Tying each of your limbs to a different horse and having them run in different directions.
I walk in the doors of his perpetual hell-hole. Just another day. Or so it seems. Halfway through first period, the teacher drones on and on. Pretending everything's okay. NO IT'S FUCKING NOT!
A touch, a kiss, a whispered lie dressed up to look like a promise. The dirty word “affair” is whispered, but never spoken aloud. We pretend not to see what is right in front of us.
Life is tough, so full of problems; look everywhere Pregnant teen girls aborting, drunk drivers crashing Oppressed children, drug addicts, couples breaking Prejudiced against Muslim girls with covered hair
A violet evening, I dip my tiny toes in the red. slip on its shiny luster Feel it stain my skin like silver nitrate (how does one become clean again?) I inhale the ogre stench that stops my screams from touching
There is a plot, maybe a murder mystery. A setting. Creepy old house? Cliché. A parade!
You remember the hands the grip that held you in place the force he stained in your soul in your inner grave. You remember the pain, how he yelled, you screamed, the vulnerability.
Her white dressed figure dances in front of me. The clouds that cover the night sky gently surround the night I reach out to touch her beautiful face, the face of my love.
Sometimes it’s like I can still feel her little fingers Pushing their way through the monkey bars of her cage, Still feel the gashes she made trying to claw her way out.
April twenty-seventh was the day my grandma died. April twenty-seventh is when nature was defied. April twenty-seventh, when my mom was nearly killed. April twenty-seventh is when everything went still.
On the dance floor I skip-step and I twirl; The music slurs and blares in my near-deaf ears; As the beat slows, a boy leaves with his girl, in the dark, a seer watches her fears.
There is a beautiful woman down the street. She owns the cafe, known for her delightful treats. No one knew more- But she led a secret life through the entrance of the moor.
If I ever see him again id ask why he wasn’t dead yet For a man so committed, he should have lied to rest Just like how she passed, how he made her fall victim The way he touched her small hand and tainted the skin
The Allied-Eraser grew monstrous, For stubborn stains, it had direct orders, To tear pages off the flap, Customized to rub Nazi land from the map, Came along Soviet scissors,
Now you lay me down to sleep The soul God prayed for you to keep. Sentenced to die before I awake, My life ended, because of one mistake.
A life taken Hearts breaking The most powerful man Ripped from the Earth by Death's hand. The world questions why As his soul begins to fly The act unspeakable The man, elected to serve the people.
it was always said in the bible long ago do not murder anyone who kills a life will subject to judgement why do you think it's call judgement day day one will face their own reality
I will never understand why you died Yes I know the reason why Someone bullied you And said mean things about you But why did it affect you You are beautiful And you are smart
Pitter, Patter Scitter, Scatter Mice on the floor Bump, Thump Rock, Knock Who’s at the door? Scratching Screaming I bet she’s bleeding Cleaning is such a chore Wailing
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