Kindness; By Xubair

Mon, 05/26/2014 - 12:21 -- xubaire


Kindness, is it only but a word? 
A person who hears people's needs.
But oddly, sadly, is never ever heard.
They give and give.
But can only give so much.
Is kindness only the idea of a mother's touch?
They stop to realise.
It isn't what it seems.
they're engulfed by darkness.
Oblivious and blind.
They ask themselves. 
Oh God,  why am I so kind?
They're hearts are infinite.
Unmeasurable, you see.
A call for help.
Is followed by the giving of its key.
They call for help.
But, no one is there.
Not an atom or a tree.
Not even, a fragment of air.
They come to understand. 
They're special, you see.
Who are they? 
Not you, not me,  not us and not we.


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