Grace - Too Late


Frozen hands on the face

Echoing, echoing

Killing me without a trace

The silence, loud in my ear

What then, oh my, oh dear, oh dear


That’s it, I’m done, life’s not worth living

Without her there’s no chance

Mistaken mistakes, unforgiving

Time stops here in this place

The gavel drops in empty space


There’s only one authority I can recognize

As I’ve been set up by both our lies

I’m guilty, oh I’m guilty of a lot of things

But murder, that’s not one I bring

Upon you, myself, or my family’s wings


Oh my, oh my, what then?


If grace, there is, such a thing

I plead for it

“Oh please, oh please

Do not condemn me for this crime

This crime, alone, which is not mine”


“Guilty,” as the jury rings out

And the hands start moving, around, and around

In this instance time moves quicker than quick

As it seers like the wax of a candle stick


“But I’m innocent!” I beg and I plead

As they drag me, my shackles at my knees


Years pass, and time flows

Twenty seven years, so it goes

When I step out, feet touch the ground

I long only for the bars around


I pled for grace, and it never came

And now it comes

As pain remains

Grace – too late

A day, a day   


This poem is about: 
Our world


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