The Myth of a King's Reign

There once was a queen

Who was very mean

Amara was her name

Tricks were her game

Her tricks were sly

And she could fly

She was above the rest

For no one good best her

But instead fell for her

For her beauty was great

And she put their heads on a plate

But then came a man

Who was not a fan

Of her charming good looks

Or her being a crook

For stealing the hearts of men

And silencing the song of wren

So to the castle he went

to make her daunt

But she did not coward

But instead walked forward

To seduce and trick

But the man was slick

He got her to bed

And cut off her head

Placed it on a plate

And the lions ate

The rest of her body

Eating rapidly and shoddy

Then he said

"The queen is dead,

No longer will she trick

Or kill common men, ick,"

So the people crowned him king

Let King Conrad Forever Reign





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