Flightless Bird


The poor pigeons coo
The poor bitches coup
The state of who
Had made mistakes
With the truth
Weigh the truth
State the stakes
State that breaks
Cuz we’ve all sighed sighs
At the fuckin’ signs
Of all the lies.
Throughout our lives.
So we’re wondering why we wear all these worn out wartime wake gowns, and make frowns, and odd sounds,
While white women sobbing, red foreheads throbbing, 
And children are buried in the ground.
Huh… So you know what I found?
That we can live together with smiles on our faces,
No need to wait for populating space
That all we need is talk in open places
(Speak) with open minds
Empty hands
And some well used time.
We can talk ourselves out of hate in a generation,
And the children of these souls will live on the space station
Holding hands and working together
Making sure that Man will live forever.
A better world is what those in space will seek to create. (End)


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