Poisoned Mind

You malicious little thing, you're living in nightmares. 
Spiders hide in dark in dark corners, crawl out to fill you with fright, dear.

Black figures stalk your bedroom, abduct you from your sleep.
Worms sliding through your veins, your brain is their next feast.

Gaze into a mirror, your face turns into stone,
as you're walking tree roots take you down as their own. 

And you're tied up now, and you reek of gasoline.
Your decayed cadaver was found after missing for three weeks.

Now you're gasping for air as the current drags you down.
But isn't it such a lovely feeling to drown?

Your eyes may go black while your ears start to bleed.
The skin melts off your skeleton, throat slit while you scream.

Today you walk out and you think you're just fine...
Until you're cuffed in a basement, in a race against time.

Gassed by your worst fears, nothing you can do. 
Because you won't stop until you've ruined you.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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