Ballroom Psychic: a Sonnet

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 18:00 -- NGalica


United States
41° 34' 11.8596" N, 87° 47' 10.2156" W

On the dance floor I skip-step and I twirl;
The music slurs and blares in my near-deaf ears;
As the beat slows, a boy leaves with his girl,
in the dark, a seer watches her fears.

As the raven caws, the rain starts to fall;
The seer begs for the crowd to understand,
but inside no one hears the desperate call.
Do not fear, their screams won'r disturb the band.

Soon the music stops as all hear the sirens;
the police search for a missing young gal.
And the animals return to their dens,
with a diminished view of human moral.

The two young lovers lay in a forest,
drenched in blood til death do them part, they rest.


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