R.I.P. Rhianna Lynn Morowitz


United States
37° 42' 13.5396" N, 97° 13' 58.5336" W

I will never understand why you died
Yes I know the reason why
Someone bullied you
And said mean things about you
But why did it affect you
You are beautiful
And you are smart
You will always remain in my heart
Hearing your story touched me
To think someone so beautiful
Would've been so lonely
You are kind
Someone wanted what you had
But you left everyone in this world behind
You hung yourself
So the bully could be satisfied
I will never understand a bully’s pride
To hurt someone so much
They don’t want to be alive anymore
She hung herself
And her parents buried there baby girl
Why did you have to be a bully?
She died because of you
I hope you go to jail
And rot in hell


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