Fri, 10/05/2018 - 10:00 -- Amaniy

She sits still, her voice cracking from the fear

of the hideous creature before her. Any slight movement and she will

be killed slowly and painfully. The girl grows rather querulous waiting

for the man to pass along; she has watched the man peek around

since the day she went absent and her family slaughtered.

Now she waits to see if he will leave the room once again

as she sits out of breath in the closet.

She has scrutinized the idea of slaughtering the haggish,

old man or possibly letting him see the days ahead.

Do not take the poor girl as innocent for she has seen and

done many unspeakable things.

Beneath the bruised skin and cracked ribs lies a

heart of fire and a soul capable of murder.

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Our world
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