Murder To Be


I saw the man standing there,

the one I am supposed to kill.

He doesn't know me yet,

but very soon, he will.


We make eye contact,

he gives a flirtatious wink.

Does he know why I'm here?

No, he couldn't possibly. 


So I saunter up to him,

he looks extremely pleased.

I slide into the seat across from him.

We talk with such ease.


We talk for seconds, minutes, hours.

We sit and talk all day.

But I know that now is the time,

to say what I have to say.


I lean in very close, 

almost touching his ear.

And I start to whisper to him,

so that no one else can hear.


"There's something I want to share,

but promise you won't tell?"

He nods in happy agreement,

so I know this won't go well.


"I'm here today because of you.

Kind of crazy, right?

I've been sent to murder you

some time tonight.


Your problem is,

you love every woman you see.

Someone got tired of it,

and then they hired me.


So,  I'll see you tonight.

Of this you can be sure.

Oh, I'd love to tell you a few things.

Just a few more.


There won't be any evidence.

There will be no remains.

So say your goodbye's now,

on this, your last of days.


You see, I'll put you in an acid bath,

after you've been all chopped up.

Then I put the body sludge

into a tiny, little cup.


After that, I'll give the cup to my employer.

They'll do what they want with you.

You'll be no more than sludge, 

But it's what I've been told to do."


He stops and stares.

He's not sure he's heard right.

He shakes his head and says,

"Wait, tonight?"


"Yes, good sir.

I'm very sorry indeed.

I think you're a lovely man,

I'd save you if it were up to me."


He laughs and laughs

for some reason I can't tell.

"My lady, you must be joking!"

I knew this wouldn't go well.


"Until tonight, my friend.

I will see you tonight.

Try not to let all of this

give you a big fright.


It's your time,

we all have one.

Soon enough,

it will all be done."


Goodnight, farewell.

We'll meet again soon.

By this time tomorrow,

you'll have long past met your doom."


I walk away, slow and sure.

He must know this is no joke.

Because it isn't. There's no laughs. 

He'll know it when he croaks.


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