The Meadow

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 11:06 -- Coldto


The lush meadow grass,
A bright sunny day.
Palm clasped in yours
Through the fields we'll play.
We can sing and talk,
I'll ask you how you are.
You'll say you missed me,
We'll run into the far.
The roses quietly blooming,
The smells of waiting earth,
The sounds of busy insects ,
The fruits of summer’s birth.
Rain can never touch us,
Perfect air, my dear.
Darkness never come,
Pain is never near.
Distantly fading now,
The night you took my life.
Was I a bad husband?
I thought we'd never fight.
From a pool of blood,
I laid there still that night.
A knife inside my heart,
Until I saw the light.
You said you always loved me,
I believed your every word.
But when you went to stab me,
The whole thing seemed absurd.
Every day from then,
I watched from nature’s spring.
I saw your daily struggle,
My face caught in your dream.
You regretted every second,
Every fateful stab.
You traded me for money,
But I don’t think you’re bad.
You began your turn to drinking,
I hoped you never would.
But on that fateful night,
You drank more than you should.
The straining drops of liquid,
They fell into your mouth.
It brought us here together,
My beautiful loving spouse.
I could only bear to watch,
Your car could not choose which.
Lane to be inside of,
Until you hit a ditch.
Now we stand together,
It hardly seems real.
That yet once again,
Your hands I softly feel.
But I forgive you now,
All has gone to past.
We are now together, 
On top of nature's grass.
The sun is setting now,
Night will soon be here.
But now that I am with you,
The darkness, I do not fear.
All the nights alone,
I watched the stars at sky.
But not while looking upwards,
Down, I saw  the ‘nigh.
Through the quiet flowers,
Guarding my presence here.
I wished every night,
For only you, my dear.
I never thought against you,
I never blamed your sin.
I always thought the best,
I thought we’d always win.
Grass of a radiant meadow,
On brilliant sunny rays.
My palm clasped in yours,
Until another day. 
Together at last...


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