Letter of the Innocents


What is this feeling

So strange and alone

My fingers cannot move

And my heart has turned to stone.


The aching in my head

The darkness full of pain

The weakness in my lungs

My last breath forth, and slain.


What have I done, Mother

To deserve this torture sore?

Did I fail in my purpose, Do you love me no more?


I never wished to bring you harm,

No evils did I employ.

What murder do I deserve

Who wished to bring you joy?


What sin have I committed,

Or is it only shame

That compels you to commit a second crime

To pass on your deeds' blame?


But, Mother dear, though sorrow is great,

I love you more than ever

I forgive you as Jesus does

Whose bond you did sever.


He loves you and He wants you

Especially in your lonely hour

To place your hand secure in his,

His love in you shall flower.


As I met him at the golden gates

He told me: Before your time

You have joined the realm of saints

Eternal life sumblime.


I am pardon for the sinner,

I am peace for human strife,

I am the Lord your God Redeemer,

The Resurrection and the Life.


Mother, I am innocent

You who took my life away:

Repent and He will Forgive you,

In Him you may rest and stay.



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