She is an angel

I am the voice that you fear

the voice of the ones who dare not appear

the ones you claim weak

the ones society doesn't seek

I know you don't care

about the girl pulling out her hair

cutting, slowly killing

because you were filling

her head with lies as it was spinning

bet you wish you had time to say goodbye

like the angel she was

she claimed up to fly high

whispered "agels fly so can I"

or the boy who took a bullet to his head

to get the words that you said

out of his mind

before they died

their eyes shined

at the thought of being happy again

to you it was just a game

but really its inhumane

bullies? you mean murderers?

suicide? you mean escape from the pain you made?

I am the voice

of the ones I got to too late




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My community
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Our world
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