first time i saw you was at the airport
i took one look at you and i was lost in thought
your beautiful flowing hair, to your lovely brown eyes
and a sweet sensual voice that no man can deny
i was walking towards you but you turned away
even though it hurt your presences made my day.

i couldnt stop thinking about you, you were always on my mind
im sorry i stalked you but youre not gonna get away this time.
you got off on 3rd and that was the floor, where i stood waiting right by the door

you laughed at me and called me pathetic
because i'm short, skinny and not atheltic
shes right becuase im a loser and shes a medic

i loved you so much but you rather be with guys who treat you like trash
that faggot earring wearing sissyboy with the stupid haircut and lots of cash
i guess the saying is true nice guys do finish last
he sleeps with other women but you forgive and say its the past
i wont forive him though im going to kick his ass

waited outside his house for car to stop
knock on his door dressed pretened to be a cop
he asked "who are you?" i said "who do you think?"
punched him several times and tried to drown him in the sink
he managed to push me off and tried to climb the chainlink

pulled him by the leg and stabbed him in the chest
slit his throat and strangled him to death

she saw what i did, i did it for her
she said i will never love a psychotic murderer
then a voice in my head started to murmur
"this girl doesnt love you she made you a fool"
"are you really gonna let her getaway after she made you a tool?"

the voice was right, it started to become clear
picked up my knife and grabbed her by the hair
as i looked into her eyes i can see the fear
i stabbed her in the heart and threw her off the pier

this girl drove me to the point of insanity
as i stand at the edge of this cliff
im a threat to humanity
im losing my balance becuase of this poison
i begin to drift
i fell off the ledge
the loser has fallen and caused his own death.

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