Will I be Next?


Gardening, playing soccer, sipping tea
It doesn’t matter where you may be,
All they see
Is a geography dominated by discord
A nation racked by civil war
A people doomed to hell.

Will you be next?
Who can tell?

Going to prayers, washing your clothes, feeling great or feeling blue,
It doesn’t matter what you may do.
Nothing will stop a hellfire
When it is aimed at you.
All they pursue
Is a training camp
in the yoga session
a bomb plot
in the weekly poker game
an armed convoy
in the family caravan to the mall.

Will they be next?
Who can make that call?

Sitting on the green, eating in the caf., washing dishes in the JS sink,
It doesn’t matter what you may think
All bodies start to stink
After getting hit with a bomb.
Your mom will cry
Just like any other.

Will I be next?
So I have to try.

Defending human rights, fighting for justice, fighting for an end
It doesn’t matter if you’re think or thin
Or the color of your skin,
Or the nation you live in
All they will see
Is another protest
Another activist
Fighting for the world that may be.

Will you be next
To stand with me?


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