This Is Not A Poem

There is a plot, maybe a murder mystery.
A setting. Creepy old house? Cliché. A parade!
There are characters. A woman and child in bright red dresses, a young man participating in the parade, an old orange cat, and a body sitting on a bench.
There is dialogue.
“What a lovely parade mama! Look! A dragon!”
“We have to take lots of pictures for your father.”
A climax follows the rising action. A gun shot, or possibly a scream. A dark coat fleeing the scene. It was,
There is suspense, of course.
More dialogue.
“Well, officer, I didn't see anything. I was in the parade.”
“If you hear anything, let us know.”
A twist, perhaps. A dirty cop, or an unknown affair.
The resolution follows the falling action. The offender is apprehended. She gives her reasons in a farewell speech. Money or love.
The End.


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