A Persons a Person, No matter How Small....


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from fertilization to conception
i was 2 living cells
but since we have been joined
we're on living being now

though smaller than a comma
i'm alive, i'm still growing
i'm depending on my momma
to take care of my by knowing

what kind of foods to eat
and what bad habits must be dropped
for me to grow my feet
your caring must not be stopped

if it was i'd surely die
another infant statistic
but why o' mommy why
is homicide so realistic

even though i live within you
what makes you ruler of my life?
i'm a person though small it's true
and while living i have rights

the right to live and grow
as you even did yourself
this truth you may not know
but even you got help

your own mother cared for you
and birthed you out of right
a person small it's true
has every right to life

so as you wait in line
for this abortion resolution
take a walk in my
own amniotic fluids

weak and yet powerless
to even raise your voice
slaughter of the innocents
your a victim, your a choice

if you don't want me there's adoption
there's no need for me to die
abortion's not eh tonly option
i'm a Person this is why!

inspired by Dr. Seuss's book "Horton Hears a Who"


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