Why Could You Not Pick Me?

I am not the violent type, no ? Can you not see?

I see her last breath in her flat chest as she heaves.

In the end , why could you not fucking pick me?


My hands are covered in her type A.B and excrements .

You can't hear her mother fucking screams , because she's buried beneath the cement.

I wield the muddy shovel in my sweaty palms.

You can go ahead say your last psalms . 

You're not the religious type, but does she know that?

Doesn't matter , because I taught her a lesson with the end of my Louisville Slugger bat .

She was a fucking parasite , just like a tiny flea.

But in the end , why could you not pick me?

She doesn't deserve you . She doesn't understand you like I do. She can't relate to you .

She's nothing but a poser with her snarky ass british teeth.

I'd break a teacup over her face as she flails beneath .

It's okay, I understand , she was just a coverup .

Everything is going to be okay now , because I made her finally made her shut up.

You and I can finally be together. 

It wasn't easy. The way she dressed tonight was a little bit sleazy.

 Hurry up now and book your flight , because I'd rather not be convicted for murder tonight .

At long last you are in my arms , but  I'm sorry about having to bound and gag you.

But the way you were acting earlier , I couldn't help , but have too.

You said a lot of crazy things back there , as if you actually had feelings for someone like that .

No, that's crazy love, as you wouldn't love someone that fat.

I love you more than what she could ever understand .

I hope you enjoy what I have planned.

Let me stroke your long black hair and caress every inch of it.

Your face is just like I imagined, bit by bit

Look at that beard that turns me on like no other .

Let me kiss those lips , how about another?

C'mon now you're starting to hurt my feelings .

What about her did you find so appealing?

Doesn't this ring look better on my finger?

I think I hear the fuzz coming we really shouldn't linger.

Oh, I get it now , you don't have to be so hysterical .

I'm not bringing her back, I'm not made of miracles.


" Open up , we have you surrounded!".


How rude can they be , I'm so astounded .

I'm trying to have a conversation here with my one and only lover .

You're saying crazy things babe, you didn't actually love her.

I did what was best for us , don't you see?

But in the end you couldn't pick me.

So I stand here with my finger on the trigger somehow.

You and I can finally be together now.







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