Emotions Murder Brings


There's not a day you don't slip my mind

I cry, I  pray, and I even ask why

I don't get an answer and I don't know why

but I continue I continue to tell myself I'm going to be just fine

When it came to the end of the road for you

I was left miserable,stuck, and confused not knowing what to do



I continue to tell myself I'm going to do it for you

But honestly and truthfully I don't know what to do

I miss you I miss us I miss we as one

Since you've been gone I've been like forget it I'm done



Losing you was never easy or fun

But hey it's hard it's stressful it's apart of life

Honestly a life should never be taken by a knife more less than a gun

Shooting you is shooting me

Stabbing you was stabbing me

The killing of you is what's killing me


Next time you decide to kill

Just think remanence about how their family and friends would actually feel

Sadness is an emotion that can be overcame

But murder is here forever and that'll never be changed



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