57 Dead. 35 Days.

Fri, 12/09/2016 - 15:42 -- TZDPA

57 Dead. 35 Days.


If drugs were the problem

Why is murder the solution?

Rehabilitation - an offer not worth refusing

A pusher who won’t stop, a father who won’t stop using

A pusher who won’t stop - a family member you’re losing

Nine kids to support but they’re out on the street

Nine kids to support, they need more money

Nine kids at the door, but what do they see?

Blood splattered on the floor - their father’s dead body.


Government death squads rolling through the town

Out for anybody they see wandering around

A threatening sign found at the scene of the murder

It’s gone way too far, but they just had to push it further

A sign - labeling him as a pusher and an addict

A sign - labeling him as nothing more than an addict


Well, what about a father?

What about a son?

What about a man who was just wanted to be someone?


If drugs were the problem, why is murder the solution?

What are we fixing with this backwards revolution?

The government out for its people

The government prowls on the streets

Families torn apart by the violence and defeat.


This isn’t what it’s like

It’s not how it’s supposed to be.

Duterte, what have you done to my country?

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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