Dream Family

Only seven weeks ago
You were just a dream
A figure of my imagination
With it bursting at the seams

I lay in bed to sleep at night
And I feel you push on me
Thank God, from my heart, I cried
You were conceived as my Chloe

As you grew and played and slept
As did the bills and stress and heat
My summer fever came and made me sweat
But my love never skipped a beat

You were perfect to me in every way
No matter your size or what you think
Because to me you were the only Angel
God was going to let me keep

But the stress got to me and daddy
He started yelling for all kinds of things
As the pressure built up, the pain got worse
And God took you back from me

Rest in Heaven for mommy
I'll carry you again, my Chloe
And you won't have to worry about mommy and daddy
Murdering what is only a dream...


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