Red Lips

She lay there

naked and dying

Gasping and retching


Blood oozing and flowing

down the gash from her collar bone 

to her womb

Slowly forming crimson pools on the stone she lay

I watch

Her eyes in a panic, daring left to right;

searching for her savior

Wrists and anknles wound; No escape

The only light is froma wanning candle 

The single flame licking the air and illuminating he pale, satin skin

She is beautiful

Murmurs and muffled cries erupt from her silenced lips

Tears glisten down her cheeks, Her flat abdomen heaves as oxygen

leaves her from futile wailing 

I stroke her fair hair, shushing her

Her efforts slow

Cries cease

I look into her eyes as the light fades from them and softly whisper,

"Look how beautiful I made you." 

This poem is about: 
My country


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