Born to Live


Another day,

another way,

another beautiful creature thrown away.

Cultivated from nights of endless love,

as beautiful as a soaring dove from above.

A pill for this,

A pill for that,

never realized what you could have had. 

A beautiful creature to adore,

but never more,

now its free to soar.

To the skies they fly,

Always wondering why,

They had to leave without a single goodbye,

Without a single chance to cry.

Meant to care for others,

But are faced with horrors.

Such beautiful creatures, 

With angel features.

Closed eyes,

Nails  size of rice,

but hearts as big as the skies.

Being stripped from lives that belonged to them, 

For selfishness they dont understand.

But hush little babies,

Come closer,

Maybe being able to be able to soar

Will let you open up your motuh and roar your fears.

Take back your lives,

Punish the unpunished.

Praise the humble,

Rise up,

Maybe one day you'll be able to be one of those faces down below. 

But for now watch and swallow,

Swollow those tears,

Swallow the fears,

Let their screams comsume your precious ears of unborn children.

Cursed to watch from above, 

But never Born to Live.

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