I hate to say you were a mistake, because you weren't.

I had made a decision to be with someone too soon, and I ended getting hurt.

Even though I was not ready, you absolutley were.

Instead of sending you away forever, I knew your voice should be heard.

I wept and sobbed for days on end, waited for a hero.

No one ever came, so I depended on you.

As months past by, my belly grew bigger and my love grew stronger.

But as a 15 year old girl I knew I could not lie to myself any longer.

It was time to look passed all the things I wished to be true.

But deep down inside my heart, there was only one thing I knew.

To give you the world, which a child deserves, I gave you a mommy and daddy.

I will always feel a piece of me missing, and sadly I do not ever want that feeling to go away.

Even though I get to see you all the time, it'll never be the same.

I wish you the best life that I could have given you, and I will love you always with my entire heart.

Since the day you wrapped your tiny fingers around mine, I knew you were going to be a star.

You will shine so bright and I will always smile, even though I will not know where you are.

You are and forever will be my everything and more, it will never be discrete.

My love for you has no end, it is uncontrollably bittersweet.


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