The Death Of My Daughter- Brianna Winston


The Death of my daughter- Brianna Winston


BANG! BANG! Two cold shots

entered her dome and I went into shock

I knew she was into a gang, and she did

drugs too but I didn't think someone would

have the nerve to shoot. she was only 20,

and she had a kid. who now have to live

one lonely ass kid, She started off good

a honor roll kid until he met this one kid

he became her boyfriend and turned her out

she went from a Angel to the devils neighbor in

a few seconds or more. I have to bury my kids

knowing she was full of sin worried about where she's

going because no one knows the faith.

The death of my daughter changed me in a way

the drillin' and killin' was what her life was about

so taken her soul probably was the easy route.

He know what he's doing there's no doubt but, the death of my daughter changed me.


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