Life and Death


The offering of a free slate for life

A temporary state until death

The final resting place


We grew, year after year, to accept the idea that one day

We would be on our own


The cruel reality that is being taken from us as we live day by day

Simple liberties and common dreams are being taken away





Old age


People are being shot

Being taken from their families

Lives are being cut short by others


What is being done to stop it?

In a world that blames everyone innocent

Where it is better to be an uneducated, white male

To being an educated anything else


Where we protect the adversary

Rather than protect the innocents

Where your self worth is based on your beauty


Where we teach our daughters to dress a certain way

Rather than teach our sons not to rape


Teaching evasive ways

Rather than to not murder


Where we teach our children

How to die and how to murder

Instead of teaching them how to live





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